claudia kaufman
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boxes and bows
I have always loved wrapping presents. When giving a gift, the outside of the box was almost as important to me as the inside.
After I did my first painting of a box with a bow, a viewer asked me what was in the box. I told them it was just a little gift I had received in the mail, wasn't that important... but that I loved the wrappings and had decided to paint it.
They asked again... 'that's nice, it's a nice painting, but what WAS inside the box?'
After the third time of them asking about the contents, I broke down and told them it was a box of stationery. They seemed let down.
I realized then that a wrapped present is all about hopefullness. Virtually everyone gets a little thrill when handed a box with a bow on top containing the promise of a wonderful treasure.I love painting boxes with bows.