claudia kaufman
Donut LandscapeStacked DonutsSquare DonutBowl of PlumsFour Tomatoes SquaredReflective PearsLemon, Peach and BowlApples Squared in a BinTulipsPlums on blackFour Reflective ApplesBowl of BlueberriesFour Pears StandingFive Reflective PearsTop Down Apples on BlueTop Down PearsVicki's ApplesPears in a BowlEgg on WhiteTwo Pear PortraitThree Apples on BlackSlices of WatermelonBasket of TomatoesGrannies in a bagOrange GlowChinese UmbrellasPear Line UpPear on BrickApples and Cup DiptyctLemons EscapingKim's BackBowl of BulbsRigginsStacked China CupsAgamonI've Lost My MarblesShakshukaOld City RooftopsTishbi BlurShuk peppersHa-Bima Ball BoyThread Blocklimes on blacklemons on blackBowl of CookiesStraw-kiwi
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