claudia kaufman
The Great EscapeLemons EscapingChallahBags o' OrangesBag of ApplesPears in a BagSee Through OrangesTwo in the Bag
Although I have a fascination with light, transparency and reflective surfaces, my journey of painting 'things' in plastic bags has an interesting origin.
I used to paint in a studio that was rather.... dumpy. And it had mice.
As a result, I always kept any food or snacks in plastic bags and tacked them up on the wall.
I used to paint every day, and one day when struggling for subject matter I looked up and saw a bag of apples hanging on my wall.
And thus it began. You'll see that "Bag of Apples' painting on this page.
I think viewers of these paintings are as intruqued by them as I am to paint them. these are REALLY studies in observation.