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I have always loved wrapping presents. When giving a gift, the outside of the box was almost as important to me as the inside.
After I did my first painting of a box with a bow, a viewer asked me what was in the box. I told them it was just a little gift I had received in the mail, wasn't that important... but that I loved the wrappings and had decided to paint it.
They asked again... 'that's nice, it's a nice painting, but what WAS inside the box?'
After the third time of them asking about the contents, I broke down and told them it was a box of stationery. They seemed let down.
I realized then that a wrapped present is all about hopefullness. Virtually everyone gets a little thrill when handed a box with a bow on top containing the promise of a wonderful treasure.I love painting boxes with bows.

Pink Bow
oil on canvas
Black, White and Red
oil on canvas
10 x 10"
Winter White
oil on canvas
12" x 12"
Big Box
oil on canvas
Purple Bow
oil on canvas
 Birthday Present
oil on canvas
Around the Corner
Oil on Canvas
Big Red
oil on canvas
Wash Drawings
ink wash drawings
15"x15" each: 16 pieces