claudia kaufman
TeacupsMacaron in Tissuecopper grapesDolls of Vilnaplums on a PedestalFruit TartEclairsJelliesUmbrellas in a LineCupcake PedestalMacarons in a LineMacarons SquaredBig StackDonut LandscapeStacked DonutsAhh, the good lifeSquare DonutGrannies in a bagChinese UmbrellasBowl of PlumsFour Tomatoes SquaredReflective PearsLemon, Peach and BowlApples Squared in a BinPlums on blackFour Reflective ApplesFour Pears StandingFive Reflective PearsTop Down Apples on BlueTop Down PearsPears in a BowlEgg on WhiteTwo Pear PortraitSlices of WatermelonOrange GlowPear Line UpPear on BrickApples and Cup DiptyctKim's BackBowl of BulbsRigginsStacked China CupsAgamonShakshukaOld City RooftopsTishbi BlurShuk peppersHa-Bima Ball BoyThread Blocklimes on blacklemons on blackBowl of CookiesI've Lost My MarblesStraw-kiwi
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