claudia kaufman
Vicki's ApplesBowl of BlueberriesBasket of TomatoesBag o' BeansThread Explosionjar of LimonsPlacesettingamy's adornmentPink MetallicsFancy PearsBirds of a Featheravacado on purpleCherry on TopSunflowersHanging CarrotsApples Gone ShoppingCry BabiesMarbles IIBowl of PeppersBowl of onionsBowl of HothousesPIncushion ThreadsTomato GangBowl of ThreadsBowl of LImonsAvocado and KnifeSeductressLightbulb Line UpEllen's KitchenJesse's DayIsn't He SpecialHydrangeaEgg Shell l ll lllThree Big GuysLIghtbulb TrioLemons in the MirrorPeartiniPlums TrioLemons in PlasticFish on a Field DayLimes in a BagWendy's DayPepper Line-upBaby ShoesApple TrioAvacado HalvesAvacado SquaredGerber TrioEgg FaceFruit YearbookMarjorie's GuacamoleApples on BlueLonely CupcakeBaby ShoesThreads Galoreglittery blueGlass of LimesNick and Rory'sLemons & Limes on FoilLemon/LimeL'il Tomato 1HothouseL'il Tomato 2Slice of SummerFlowers in PlasticSiamese PeppersSummer Slices
The paintings on this page have either been sold or are no longer available. If you see something you like or would like to discuss a commission, please contact me.